Budget Minded Analog Terminals


Hypercom Optimum T4205

Small Business Value, Big Business Services

Small merchants must find creative and cost-effective ways to compete with larger merchants. Their services must appeal to consumers. With VeriFone’s Optimum T4205, small merchants can offer competitive services, process debit cards with or without an external PIN pad and perform fast and secure transactions. This slim countertop device with a large, 19-key layout makes it easy to use. Available with an option for consumers to use gift and prepaid cards, the Optimum T4205 brings high value to small businesses. It includes standard 24MB of memory and an ARM9 processor for multi-application support. Offering a broad set of features, the Optimum T4205 allows small merchants to provide a high level of quality consumer services.

The Optimum T4205 features a customer-friendly, large, ADA-style, 19-key layout and LCD graphics display in a slim design for easy handling. Small merchants have to deliver fast transactions. The V.34 modem provides superior performance for faster downloads and faster data transfers. The 24MB standard memory easily handles software size increases and new applications.Check imagers, PIN pads and contactless readers can be connected using the peripheral port to provide more payment choices, allowing small merchants to offer big business services. The secure design meets industry security regulations, including PCI PED, so it supports debit with or without an external PIN pad.





VX 510

Delivering the Next-level Performance

The VX 510 offers exceptional performance with more of what you want from a countertop payment device. The vivid display enhances the user experience and the new five-way navigation button enables merchants the ability to develop icon-based apps. The VX 510 also features a new interactive user interface that allows you to showcase your brand and other graphics.

Still equipped with an ARM processor to handle transactions fast and quickly load value-added applications. The VX 510 is NFC enabled to manage mobile wallets, apps and programs. You get more from this high performance, reliable device.

“Flexible Payment Acceptance Option” Graphical application user interface offers flexibility to enrich the user experience.