Big Data Analysis

Many Companies view big data as completely daunting. But it’s a reality, and companies need to figure out how to use it. BI platforms need to adapt to this growth of omnipresent data and develop solutions that can aggregate diverse data from multiple sources for analysis. Why? Because this means more context for decisions beyond the internal data myopia of most BI deployments.




Humanizing Big Data

For a while now, we’ve been talking about the consumerization of IT.  However, we’ve moved into the next phase of the technology evolution:  the humanization of IT.  Advances in technology — think touch, voice, mobile and maybe wearable — are allowing users to reconsider how they interact with technology and demand that’s it’s a more natural, human experience.  As such, Big Data solutions need to promote this type of experience and eliminate nonintuitive, unnatural approaches to analysis because these discourage usage.




Big Data Accesss

2013 was the year of big data, but what about the right data?  Simply having access to data does not necessarily instill confidence.  Better access does not equal better decisions.  More frequent, iterative, exploratory interaction with data does help make better business decisions.  The right decisions are made when businesses are able  to easily discover the data that is most important to them through unfettered interactions with data.