Mail-Order-Telephone-Order (MOTO) refers to card-not-present transactions involving non-cash payment for goods and service. In this type of transactions, ordering and payment usually involve mail, telephone, fax or email between you and your customers.

If you are engaged in a business in the form of accepting non-cash payment for your goods and service by phone, mail, fax or email, then your method of processing plastic payment is classified as Card-not-present (CNP) by the credit card industry.

Any merchants engaged in Card-not-present (CNP) transactions must take extra precaution against elevated fraud exposure and associated financial losses against scam artists. Even with non-fraudulent transactions, card-not-present adds serious financial stress to you because many standard credit card merchant protection features do not apply.

As a business owner engaged in Mail-Order-Telephone-Order (MOTO) industry, you will need an experienced and caring partner to entrust your non-cash payment processing solution. The protection you desire, the winning partner you deserve and caring touch with personal details, Bankcard Services has it all!

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