FD35 PIN Pad

all-inclusive consumer-facing device -it’s fast, flexible and more secure.

This comprehensive device accepts PIN and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR® Network transactions.*
Customers can insert their chip card into the EMV card reader, tap their contactless card, or swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card reader – all without relinquishing control of their card.
In addition, the FD35 device enables mobile phone payments that help merchants drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming special offers.

User-friendly Features

The FD35 device features an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts, and lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process. It’s an ideal solution for merchants who need to handle a high volume of small-ticket transactions and wish to be ready for future security guidelines.

Suited for all retail environments, especially:

  • Quick-service restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail/specialty shops
  • Grocers

Help Your Business

  • Protect your customers through multiple layers of security
  • Meet current and future compliance requirements
  • Increase store traffic through reduced checkout times
  • Process more purchases in high-volume merchant environments
  • Drive consumer loyalty with alternative payment types like mobile and contactless

Help Your Customer

  • Maintain control of the payment process without having to hand over their payment card
  • Eliminate concerns about unauthorized use of their card
  • Make purchases using the payment method of their choice
  • Spend less time waiting in line
  • Stay informed throughout the payment process through easy-to-follow visual and audio prompts



MagTek Mini-MICR Check Reader

Small Foot Print. Durable. Accurate MICR.

Optimized to reduce transaction time and manual entry errors, the Mini MICR is a single-feed MICR reader with a reliable and durable design. Ideal for retail applications where fast and accurate MICR reading is required, the Mini MICR offers a range of interfaces options, including connectivity to the most popular POS terminals. With a simple drop-and-push check feed movement, the Mini MICR significantly speeds check verification and conversion.

The Mini MICR enables retailers to easily format the MICR data to match any application input requirements. In a single pass, the Mini MICR reads E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts and connects to POS terminals through a USB, RS-232 or PC keyboard wedge interface. Designed for multi-use retail environments, the Mini MICR also offers an optional three-track magnetic stripe reader to read ISO and AAMVA standard credit and debit cards and ID cards. This highly dependable device will deliver superior performance throughout years of daily use.




  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts
  • Reads MICR characters on checks and other MICR encoded documents
  • Small footprint with high accuracy and dependability
  • Optional 3-track MSR (magnetic stripe reader) for ISO and AAMVA cards
  • Interfaces include USB, RS-232 and PC Keyboard Wedge. Other interfaces available




*Must be paired with an FD130.
To learn how the FD35 Pin PAD can help you and be able to offer your customers the latest in security technology, visit challasgroup.com/contact