Top of the Line High Speed Terminals

VX 570

Pay-Anywhere Performance

The smallest portable, all-in-one, wireless handheld payment device comes with extra-large benefits. Advanced technology, sleek design and incredibly durable construction combine to make the VX 675 ideal for restaurants, hospitality, delivery, transportation or for any other business that thrives on pay-anywhere, pay-anytime convenience. And it’s all protected by the industry’s most impenetrable security.

Accept payment wherever, whenever. The VX 570 is the smallest, full-function, portable device on the market. It’s the device that can take you places. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in even the most petite hands, the VX 570 features sleek lines and elegant features that are fully protected by a drop-resistant case. Along with its tamper-resistant construction, the VX 570 is PCI PTS 3.0 compliant, EMV Level 1 and 2 Type approved and features VeriShield Total Protect.



Hypercom Optimum T4220

The ability to offer different payment transaction options can meet the needs of different consumers, and the ability to offer different connection options can meet the varying needs of merchants. The Optimum T4220 countertop provides both Ethernet and dial terminal capabilities, giving merchants versatile communications options at fast download speeds. And merchants can print logos and coupons at the point of service – a great consumer convenience. The Optimum T4220 countertop device includes a diagnostics application that identifies errors and how to repair them, which limits the time consumers wait to make purchases. With PCI PED-approved PIN entry capability, merchants can offer secure transaction processing.

The V.34 modem allows placement as a dial first – IP later and gives the assurance of dial backup to IP. Check imagers, PIN pads and contactless readers can be connected using the peripheral port to provide more payment choices. Upgradeable, modular communications provide a flexible platform with investment protection that translates into a great business value. Easy, Convenient The color-coded port labels simplify service and support while the bright, white backlit display supports a sharper image for maximum visibility.